1918 / 1919
Hans Kaufeld established the Bielefelder manufacture in 1918/1919. His objective was to produce high-end custom made furniture.

After the death of Hans Kaufeld, the company continued to be successfully run with the same high values by his wife Marta and daughter Dorothea.

In 1958,
Dorothea Kaufeld married Wolfram Winkler. Since then, Wolfram Winkler led the management and helped the company with an enormous upswing. That same year the World Fair took place in Brussels and the model „California“, made specially for the German pavilion, debuted. „California“ was extremely well received and displayed on an international stage by the Federal Government. The success of this timeless design direction, along with good economic times, cultivated a series of classical, quintessential furniture for the up market in both the private and contract sectors. In the following years, Hans Kaufeld became a market leader in Germany and was able to establish itself in the export market.

The Winkler family sold the prosperous business to Dr. Ulrich Bender. Dr. Bender then acquired a second license for the American furniture brand Baker and sold this under the name „Gallery – The Art of Living“ in Germany and in the European market. Gallery Furniture radiated prosperity and was deliberately positioned as a luxury furniture collection. Growth continued to accelerate as Hans Kaufeld acquired the company Schultz & Steinmetz.

Along with the successful Baker Galery line, Hans Kaufeld developed its own upholstered furniture series, and through its creativity in design and logic of its construction and use, has in the meantime become the classic sofa program HK 2000.

The Joint Venture „Donghia-Kaufeld GmbH“ began in June 1992 with the goal to bring the Donghia living philosophy to Europe – as its success and fame was well established in the United States. Hans Kaufeld handled all sales and marketing for the Donghia Collection in Europe, but to its dismay was not able to transfer the expectations and success in the high-end furniture market due to the limited target group of the design lines by designer John Hutton.

Due to the successful sofa program HK 2000, which remained the strongest selling sofa program until the HK 2005, individual living ideas can be realized by the customer. With the HK 2000, as well as the HK 2005, the combination possibilities in form, measurements and materials are endless. The customer is the measure of all things and is the center of satisfaction of one’s needs.

Hans Kaufeld is bought out by the Swiss company de Sede AG and the brand is
re-organized under the parent company. The advantages of this cooperation with an internationally and very successful owner should reveal themselves in the coming years.

Architect and designer Jean Pierre Dovat is hired as Art Director to bring about a newly designed product line and company image. Hans Kaufeld achieves its high-fashion, pure style with skilled-labor precision.

90 year anniversary for Hans Kaufeld.

Acquisition of the brand Hans Kaufeld by BW Bielefelder Werkstätten